PB CSR Vol 1 Part 1 Chapter 5 Additions to Pay Ques-Ans

In the Fifth chapter of PB CSR Vol 1 Part 1 Chapter 5 Additions to Pay Ques-Ans. Here are Important Questions Answers of this Chapters.

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PB CSR Vol 1 Part 1

Chapter 5

Additions to Pay

Ques.501 What is the fundamental principle of compensatory allowance?

Ans 501 Under Rule 5.1 of CSR Vol, Part-1, the fundamental principle of the compensatory allowances is that it is not a source of profit to the recipient.

Ques. 502 A Government employee was sanctioned earned leave for 20 days followed by HPL & EOL 120 days. The Head of office drawn the HRA for the period of Earned Leave Hall pay leave only. The employee requested for HRA for the period of EOL also, Comments?

Ans 502 According to rule 5.5 read with 5.3 (a) of CSR Vol-l, Part-1, and Govt instructions on the subject, house rent allowance upto 160 days leave is admissible at full rates. Leave means all kinds of leave Including Extra ordinary leave vide rule 5.2 (a) ibid. As such the request of the employee is in accordance with the rules & may be accepted as the total period of leave works out to 140 days only.

Ques. 503 What are the rules for the grant of compensatory allowance during the period of leave (SAS 12/04) (8)

Ans 503 Under rule 5.2 (a) of CSR Vol-1, Part-1, read with Government instructions dated 7.5.91, leave means total leave of all kinds including extra ordinary leave for a period not exceeding 180 days but does not include refused leave.

During leave, the title to compensatory allowance will remain intact Le, at the same rate, at which the employee was drawing before proceeding on leave: –

  1. When original leave not exceeding 180 days is not subsequently extended or if extended, the total does not exceed 180 days, throughout the period.
  2. When the original or extended leave not exceeding 180 days is subsequently extended the total period exceeds 180 days upto the date of expiry of original or extended leave not exceeding 180 (one hundred eighty) days or the date of sanction to the first subsequent extension which causes the total period of leave to exceed 180 (one hundred eighty) days, whichever is earlier.

Ques.504 Govt. employee proceeds on leave. State her compensatory allowance is admissible to him or not the following circumstances: –

  1. if he proceeds on earned leave for 120 days, half pay leave for 30 days and Extra Ordinary leave for 30 days in the 1st  instance;
  2. If he proceeds on Earned leave for 120 days the leave Is further extends by grant of HPL for 60 days.
  3. If he proceeds on Earned Leave for 150 days from 1.10.2001 to 27.2.2002 and leave is further extended for 25 days from 28.2.2002 to 23.3.2002 with HPL. He further applied EOL for 40 days from 24.3.2002 to 2.5.2002 of which sanction was issued on 22.3.2002.(SAS 8/2002(6)

Ans 504 Under rule 5.2 (a)(i) & (i) of CSR Vol-1, Part-I and Govt. instructions No. 3/8/91-FPI/10304 dated 7.5.91, the Govt. employee is entitled compensatory allowance at full rates for the periods given below: –

  1. For 120 days EL, 30 days HPL & 30 days EOL.
  2. For 120 days EL & 60 days HPL
  3.  (For the period from 1.10.02 to 22.3.02 only i.e., up to the date of sanction, which causes the total period of leave to exceed 180 days.

Ques.505 Govt. employee is in receipt of House Rent and compensatory allowance at station ‘A’ Is temporarily transferred for 4 months to a station ‘B’ where neither of these two allowances is admissible. He continues to keep his family at station ‘A’ during his absence. During his temporary transfer he takes extra ordinary leave for 15 days. How would you regulate his claim for both the allowances for the period of his temporary transfer Including the period of leave and what certificate will you call for 7 (Marks 10) (SAS 6/98)

Ans 505 Under rule 5.2 (b) of CSR Vol-1, Part-1, the employee is entitled both the compensatory allowance and house rent allowance as admissible for station ‘A’ as the title of compensatory allowances remains intact during temporary transfer for 120 days or 4 months, including the period of extra ordinary leave vide rule 5.2(a) ibid.

Ques.506 The Hon’ble Governor of Punjab in recent days has pleased to order that minimum admissibility of CCA shall be Rs. 100/- P.M. Irrespective of the place of posting of a Government employee and the post held by him. You are now required to tell: –

(a) the effective date of the above decision of the Government; and

(b) the mode of payment of arrear, if any (SAS 7/01) (Marks 5)

Ans. 506 (a) The effective date of enhanced minimum admissibility of CCA of Rs. 100/- per month is from 1.9.1997.

(b) The mode of payment of arrear, if any, will be in cash vide Punjab Govt. letter No. 2/1/98-FP/10630 dated 2/11/2000.

Ques.507 A Govt. employee, who was sanctioned Earned Leave from 1.1.95 to 30.4.95 & commuted leave from 1.5.95 to 30.12.95, did not join duty after availing leave and submitted his resignation which was accepted by Competent Authority. The Head of Office recovered the amount of City Compensatory Allowance and House Rent Allowance drawn by him during the period of leave. Comments? (SAS 8/2005) (5)

Ans.507  The action of the Head of Office is in accordance with the provisions of rule 5.3 of CSR Vol-1, Part-1, vide which where an employee does not join duty after the expiry of leave and resigns, he shall not be eligible for the allowance for the entire period of such leave and the allowance drawn earlier will be recovered before the resignation is accepted.

Ques. 508 An employee drawing Conveyance Allowance @ 200/- P.M. on the condition of maintenance of motor car was proceeded on 60 days earned leave. Please state whether any conveyance allowance can be allowed to him during such leave?

Ans. 508 Under rule 2.13 of CSR Vol-lll, Conveyance Allowance is not admissible during leave as the motor car is not used for official purposes during leave. However Competent Authority can allow a portion of Conveyance Allowance not exceeding Rs. 25/- P.M. for the maintenance of motor car during leave upto 120 days only under rule 5.4 of CSR Vol-1, Part-1.

Ques.509 An employee was living in his own house. His wife was also a Government employee. Both were allowed house rent allowance w.e.f. 1.5.90. Comments?

Ans. 509 As per Government instructions No. 7159/90/ FPI/9673 dated 14.9.90 on the subject House Rent Allowance to both husband & wife is admissible w.e.f. 1.5.90. As such action of the competent authority is in accordance with the government instructions in this regard.

Ques.510 An official posted at Chandigarh claims City Compensatory Allowance and House Rent allowance during extra ordinary leave. Is his claim in order? (SAS 2/97) (5)

Ans. 510 Under rule 5.3 (a) and 5.5 of CSR Vol-1, Part-I, during leave an employee is entitled to City Compensatory Allowance and House Rent Allowance at the same rate at which the employee was drawing before proceeding on leave without production of any certificate.

(2) Vide rule 5.2 (a) Ibid leave means total leave of all kinds including E.O.L. for a period not exceeding 180 (one hundred eighty) days.

(3) As such the claim of the employee for the grant of HRA is in order only if total leave including EOL is up to 180 days only.

Ques.511 Punjab Govt. vide letter No. 10/7/88/FPI/8014, dated 30.8.88 classified Killanwall of Mukatsar District In category ‘D’ for the 48- purpose of grant of house rent allowance to the employees posted there as per annexure attached with the above letter and the employees posted there were paid house rent allowance accordingly w.e.f. 1.9.88. State Govt. revised the rates of house rent allowance w.e.f. 1.9.97 according to which the employees posted at Towns with population less than 50,000 and villages are granted house rent allowances @ 5% of basic pay. The employees posted at Killanwall were granted house rent allowance @ 5% of basic pay w.e.f. 1.9.97 because population was less than 50,000. The Punjab Govt. notified the Notified Area Committee at Killanwali in 2.98 and in 5/99 the same was denotified. The original position 1.e. Panchayat of Killanwall now restored. The employees posted at Killanwali now demanded that they may be allowed/granted 6% of Basic Pay as Rural Allowance In addition to 5% house rent allowance w.e.f. 1.9.97 on the basis of denotification of Notified area Committee at Killanwall. Please examine whether employees posted at Killanwali can be granted 6% Rural Allowance In addition to 5% house rent allowance as per instruction issued by Punjab Govt. (SAS 7/01) (Marks 7)

Ans. 511 As per Govt. instructions on the subject, employees posted in rural areas are entitled to Rural Area Allowance @ 6% in addition to house rent allowance @ 5%. The Killanwall was notified as Notified Area Committee in 2/98 and denotified in 5/99. Therefore, the demand of the employees working at Killanwali for the grant Rural Area Allowance from 1.9.97 to 1/98 and from 5/99 onwards is justified and may be accepted. As regards arrears for 2/98 to 4/99, these are not admissible as during the period Killanwali remained as Notified Area Committee.

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